About Me

My name is Alena and I learned how to sew and crochet in January of 2023, and I just learned how to knit in December of 2023. This is a page of craft related life updates!

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The Very First Small Business Market

If you didn’t know, I am running a market for small businesses in Provo! The first one was a success, and here’s some photos from it!

Current Work in Progress (wip)

Right now I am working on a raglan knit shirt with a Conan Gray inspired black star on the front. This is my first time doing colorwork in knit hopefully Conan Gray comes out with a new album and goes on tour because then I can wear this. On the off chance you are reading this, Conan, I would love to make you a sweater.

Behind The Scenes

This was a lighting test shot on the day me and my lovely roommate took photos for this website. I had all my products stuffed in two bags so we didn’t have to make several trips!