quick facts about me

We are living in a very fast-moving world. The pictures of our loved ones become more and more important than ever before.

 You can share your story through these images to your family, your friends, or even future generations.

"I invite you for a personal photo shoot with me. I will create beautiful timeless photos of you and your family." - Alena Masselink

Have you ever wanted a beautiful photograph of yourself and your family? So beautiful that you would proudly display it at your home?


+ I am a proud mother of two amazing, "naughty" boys and I love them to pieces, they are my life and sometimes they can also drive me "crazy";)

+ I come from The Czech Republic. I have been living in The Netherlands for 10 years. I know the struggles of an ex-pat mom living abroad.

+I am always in for a good cup of coffee.

+I love having fun and creating stuff.
+ I worked as a daycare teacher in multilingual daycare.

+ I also worked as a gastouder. I have been around kids my whole life. I am patient, fun, and relaxed. Your kids are safe with me;)    

quick facts about me

My style is modern and colorful. In my photos all the focus is on the people in them, their beauty, energy, the connection, and the power of the moment.

I love to create dark dramatic portraits as much as light & airy romantic photos.

There is a broad choice of colors and backgrounds for you. All you need to do is JUST pick the color you love and style.

and my favorites

my style

I love to follow the trends, it is always nice to see what's trending and to create unique setups. I love to keep it all fun.

 As a mother of two boys,I know it can be hard to keep them "posed" for the photos.

My sessions are fun, let your kids be kids and enjoy your time here. 

modern and fun

my design style

The first thing that makes me happy in the morning are my two boys appearing slowly in the door and waking me up but turning the light on and shouting;)

The second thing is a great cup of coffee. With milk or without. I am ready for the day. I am not a morning person, but these two things always work.

I bet some of you know what I mean;)  

in the morning

my go to

I want to create art , family legacies and beautiful photos of people. Photos they will proudly show to your friends and family.

When I became a mom I realized how important it is to take these photos, your kids will grow and change but the photos won't.

 Keep your memories alive. It is so worthy!


why i became a

Living in The Netherlands means lots of rain and wind.

How amazing is it when you see the sun shining, flowers blossoming, and the warmth after the looong winter.

When I lived in The Czech Republic my favorite season was the winter for sure, cold and with snow.

I do miss the white winters.

is spring

my favorite season

Olomouc, my home town for sure. 

The mountains in The Czech republic.

Great Britain. Food, landscape, and people. I love everything actually;)

Norway, Austria, and Sweden. Nature there is more than beautiful.  

place to visit

my favorite

Bronze Award 2020 The Master Portraits Awards ​

Bronze Award 2019 RISE International Photography Awards in Children category

Winners Gallery of the Child Photo Competition CPC awards for September 2019 ​

Gallery Of Refined Art - Children's Photography Wing Publications Congratulations to today's Fine Art Photographer September 20, 2019


awards & publications

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