8 Tips for Preparing for Your Newborn PhotoShoot


March 22, 2021

Pregnancy can be overwhelming. You are getting ready for the arrival of your baby, making sure the baby room is finished and everything is done before your baby comes. There are so many things going on that you might even not think about planning your newborn photoshoot. If you have a newborn photoshoot written on your TO DO list, then here are 8 tips for preparing for your newborn photo shoot.

newborn photoshoot with Alena Masselink photography

8 tips for preparing for your newborn photoshoot:

1. When should I plan the newborn photoshoot?

Some photographers recommend booking your date as soon as possible to be sure they are still available to plan your photoshoot. I am usually flexible, nowadays many people wait till the last minute to schedule their newborn photoshoot. Some people do not even want to book their newborn session before their baby is born, and that is totally ok. You can always contact the photographer to ask about his/her availability and decide accordingly.

2. Should I do the newborn photoshoot?

This is a very personal choice. Your newborn baby is considered to be “a newborn” till 6 weeks after the birth. The best time to take the newborn photos is between 5 days till 14 days after the birth. Not everybody likes the idea of letting other people wrap and pose their baby. You might also be too exhausted to even think about getting ready for a photoshoot. You can always wait and see how you feel about it or decide to do a photoshoot a bit later ( family photoshoot planned a few months after the birth or sitter photoshoot – when your baby learns how to sit independently). I just want you to know that the newborn photos are one of the most precious photos you can have. The baby changes significantly in the first weeks/ year. So it is nice to have these moments captured beautifully.

3. Is it safe to take newborn photos?

Newborn photography safety is the most important thing that you should consider when booking a photographer. Make sure the photographer did training on posing safely and know what he/she does. You will hand your baby to a stranger and you want to know your baby is in good hands. If you try to take some photos at home, please do not experiment with poses you see online. Some of them require very good expertise to achieve them and if they are not done properly, you can also hurt your baby.

4. What can I expect from the newborn photoshoot?

The newborn photoshoot is led by your baby. Every baby is different and you can never predict what will happen. Some babies sleep the entire session, love to be wrapped, and wear cute hats, some of them will be awake the whole session and won’t allow you to put any single hat on their head;) Newborn babies cannot be forced into poses, and you have to know how to get the bay into the right position. Some photographers might be specialized in sleeping babies’ photos, others can work with the flow, and if your baby doesn’t sleep they just take super cute photos of his/her eyes. Please check your photographer’s work before you book your session to know what to expect.

5. Choose your style of your newborn photos

You can plan your session in a photographer’s studio, or you can have your session at your home. You can choose for a posed session ( when your baby will be wrapped and posed in cute bowls or you can do a lifestyle session. The choice is all yours.

6. Tell the photographer your wishes

If you have found any photos on the photographer’s website, Pinterest, or anywhere else, please send them to your photographer. If you have any special items that mean something to you, let him/ her know what you want to bring. So he/she has enough time to prepare for your session and create photos for you that you will love.

7. Decide on what you want to do with the photos

When you search for a photographer, you might notice a big variation in the packages that you can choose from. The choice is huge from digital files only, up to luxe packages including wall arts & photo albums. I am offering packages including digital photos with the possibility to purchase extra products. You can check them out here.

You can check my newborn portfolio here.

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